WarmCore Window & Door System

Warmcore aluminium window and door systems offer unrivalled thermal performance, while providing customers with a much wider choice of colours, designs and styles, all without incurring lengthy lead-times, or the extra cost that often inhibits the homeowner’s final design choices.

With unapparelled investment into developing Warmcore, The Fascia place have partnered with the UK’s leading fabricator, guaranteeing that all the aluminium windows and doors procured through The Fascia Place have been finished to the highest possible standards, as a result of technologically superior manufacturing techniques.

WarmCore technology is helping redefine specifier and homeowners’ expectations of aluminium windows and doors. Traditional aluminium systems can force you to choose aluminium aesthetics and finish over thermal performance. WarmCore gives you both, with its innovative full width thermal core.

Arguably the defining product of 2015 for the fenestration industry, WarmCore folding sliding, French and residential door system has been adopted by housebuilders and homeowners with equal enthusiasm and our newly introduced WarmCore aluminium window is built around the same full width thermal core concept.


Superior Thermal Performance

The WarmCore Window & Door System was designed to have the best thermal performance across the range.

Hi-Tech Elegance

Just because something is innovative, doesn’t mean it can’t look aesthetically beautiful, WarmCore is proof of that.

High Strength Construction

The aluminium construction make it inherently strong and secure giving peace of mind to you and your family.

Synseal Innovation

Designed in-house by the Synseal R&D department, WarmCore is a true story of British innovation and engineering.

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