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RoofCell (by Cure It) is a next-generation, direct-lay, GRP roofing system which uses a proprietary technology to provide exceptional performance on a range of surfaces without the need for additional primer* and is suited to larger areas for new projects as well as refurbishment applications.

It carries all of the benefits of GRP with the convenience of direct-lay application.

Roofcell GRP Roofing System at The Fascia Place

Benefits of RoofCell

Roofcell GRP Roofing System sold at The Fascia Place

Can be applied on to a range of surfaces without primer*
High flexibility GRP roofing system suitable for roofs of any shape or size
All the benefits of GRP for edge and technical detail work

Roofcell GRP Roofing System sold at The Fascia Place

Designed for no-fuss application year-round
Range of trims to encapsulate felt roof upstands and edge detail
Exceptional finish with high performance roofing topcoat

Roofcell GRP Roofing System in stock at The Fascia Place

Fire certification to EN 1187 test 4 – BROOF(t4)
450g laminate for incredible durability
Comprehensive technical support and training options
Extreme UV resistance

*Primer is required for applications onto concrete

The next-generation, direct-lay, GRP roofing system

RoofCell can be applied directly onto an existing felt, concrete, asphalt or GRP surface without the requirement to remove the existing roof. RoofCell Basecoat has been specially designed to bond with these surfaces to create a watertight finish. Come along to a RoofCell Demo/Training Day held at The Fascia Place depots for a closer look at how to lay the system.

GRP Roofing System stocked at The Fascia Place

Installing RoofCell

Watch the installation video for a step by step guide to installing the direct-lay application.

Installation Guide (PDF)

Download a copy of the RoofCell GRP System installation guide here.

Our friendly experts will be more than happy to assist you if have any questions about the Roofcell GRP roofing range that have not been answered here, or if you would like additional advice, support or assistance.

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