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The Fascia Place provide Aluminium Seamless Guttering.

Aluminium Seamless Guttering

Aluminium Seamless Guttering by The Fascia Place

Aluminium seamless gutters can be a very cost effective way to protect the exterior of your home from water damage.

Water falls from your roof much faster during a heavy rain storm and on an average a 2,000 sqft roof, one inch of rainfall can produce up to 2,500 gallons of water, which needs accurate dispersal.

If not properly managed, this amount of rain can cause potential damage to your home, and at a much faster rate.

The Aluminium Seamless Gutters provided by The Fascia Place are roll formed on site in lengths of up to 30 metres.

It’s a unique system with no joints, which means no leaks along the maintenance free product of the highest quality.

This will offer you piece of mind and an additional visual appeal of smooth neat lines.

• Minimal maintenance, fit & forget!
• Quick, easy and safe to install, most of the work is done on the ground.
• Strong and fit for purpose, with a life expectancy in excess of 30 years accredited by the BBA

• No Joints, no leaks
• Quality assured – the only seamless aluminium gutter system with BBA approval in the UK
• No wastage – Made to the exact dimensions of the building

• Range of colour options
• Sustainable Product – Manufactured using recycled aluminium
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Keep leaves & debris out of your guttering and rainwater systems

DrainGuard / Balloon Guard / Leaf Debris Interceptor Gully


System Features:

  • Manufactured from durable Polypropylene.
  • Accepts 68mm circular downpipes.
  • Cutouts for 65mm Square/80mm & 100mm Circular pipes.
  • Cutouts for 32 & 40mm wastepipes in both the top and sides.
  • Wing tabs to secure to the wall.
  • Helps to prevent blockage of the gully grid from leaves or other debris.
  • Covers gully tops up to 300mm wide x 265mm depth.

Balloon Guard 

System Features:

  • Prevents the entry of leaves and debris into the downpipe system, no necessity for the costly dismantling of pipes to remove blockages.
  • Suitable for all 65mm square and 68mm circular outlets.
  • Suitable for retrospective installation.
  • Easy clip in action.
  • Manufactured in tough polypropylene.

Leaf/Debris Interceptor Gully (D94)

System Features:

  • Available in black.
  • Removable internal basket, which intercepts leaf/debris to stop it entering the drainage system to prevent blockages.
  • Push out sections within the top plate allows for the connection of 68 – 110m pipes.

The Fantastic FloPlast GutterBrush - Keep your gutters clear!

FloPlast GutterBrush is a gutter filter that fits easily into your rainwater system, designed to keep it clear from any debris such as moss and leaves all year round, whilst still allowing water to flow freely.


  1. Remove any debris.
  2. Lay the GutterBrush in the gutter ensuring it fits securely under the roof tiles.
  3. Cut where required (where two brushes meet, simply butt the ends together to ensure there are no gaps).


  • Simple to install.
  • FloPlast GutterBrush will flex to fit virtually any shaped gutter system.
  • Prevents debris such as moss/leaves/twigs/seeds from blocking the gutter.
  • Made from high quality Polypropylene filaments securely fixed into a flexible central rust-free stainless steel core.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Available in black & white

Water Butts & Rainwater Diverters

Water Butts

Reduce your carbon footprint by conserving water with our NEW 100L & 210L Water Butts.

  • 100L capacity.
  • Space saving water butt ideal where space is at a premium.
  • Supplied with tap and lid.
  • Manufactured in the UK from recycled materials.
  • 210L capacity.
  • Traditional shape water butt with a large capacity.
  • Supplied with tap and childproof lid.
  •  Manufactured in the UK from recycled materials

Rainwater Diverters

The Fascia Place Rainwater Diverters are a cost effective and maintenance free solution to aid the storage of water and clear blockages. Our Rainwater Diverter saves valuable rainwater for general garden use. It allows rainwater to flow from the downpipe directly into a water butt.

  • Saving water.
  • Saving the environment.
  • Saving money.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Prevents excess overflow from the butt; designed to bypass the diverter and continue down the pipe.
  • Fits 65mm Square, 68mm and 80mm Round PVC-U rainwater pipes

Diverters are ideally fitted on the following:

  • Small garages
  • Greenhouses / Garden buildings
  • Sheds
  • Summer houses

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