Price Increase Notification 25th June 2021

Dear Customer,
We first wrote to you back in April 2021 advising you of the threat of supply chain shortages and predicted price increases. We are again required to write advising you of the continuing issues facing our entire industry.

We are urging our customers to get ahead of procurement by placing orders for projects at the earliest possible time to avoid disappointment, and to allow us to schedule availability for when you need it.

As reported in the national press, global demand for construction materials is higher than the capacity of the raw material available. In the UK this has had a major impact on the availability of concrete, PVC resin/polymers, Silicones & Cleaners, Steel, Timber and Glass.

We have been working incredibly hard with our supply chain partners, to ensure high stock levels and delivering the best possible lead times, for bespoke products. Working with both primary, secondary, and sometimes tertiary suppliers we are confident that you will continue to enjoy availability of our core products, from both stock and Our Factory Ltd.

We have increased our stock holding to over £2m, and while not all the products available will be from our preferred suppliers, we have stock of the materials that you need to get your jobs completed. All secondary and tertiary suppliers meet the same high quality criteria, and carry identical guarantees.

With limited capacity, UK manufacturers are not taking on new customers at this time and so manufacturers and distributors like ourselves, must draw demand from our existing supply pool. I am pleased to say that as a leading independent merchant of 25 years, our commercial contacts and partnerships are in a very healthy position, to support the needs of our customer base.

With limited supply and an increase in transport and shipping costs, we have received further price increases which we simply cannot absorb and so must advise you of the below increases for all purchases/invoices for product collected, or delivered from 1st July 2021.

These increases are in addition to the previous reported surcharges and force majeure measures, which are still in force. Details of our previous price notifications, and future updates will be posted on our website

You can also call us, or visit your local depot for the latest information.


We must also move the validity date of all of our quotations from 30 days to the calendar month of issue. Please note that all orders placed later than the month of issue, may be subject to the increased costs, as notified by our manufacturers.

For example: All quotes dated in June 2021 will only be valid until 30th June 2021.
INCREASES 1st July 2021.

6% on all Freefoam products including Fortex, Geo Chorus and Hollow Soffit.

7.75% on all Silicone Sealants and Adhesives.
6% on all PU Foams, PU Foam Adhesives and Cleaners.

36% on all Chopped Strand Mat and Tissue

6% increase on all Durasid cladding products.

7% on Kayflow Rainwater systems.

7% on all roofline products. Fascia’s, Soffits and Cladding.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time.

Further details below