Further price increases within the PVC, Metal and Glass sectors.

Dear Customer,

As I am sure that you’re aware pricing out in the market remains highly volatile and
extremely changeable, with yet more increases being implemented across the PVC,
Metal and Glass sectors.

The price of raw materials continues to rise at alarming levels, compounded by the rising
cost of fuel, energy and inflation. Industry experts are reporting that we should expect to
see further increases until late summer, when we are hopeful that we should start to see
a levelling out.

Witnessing the largest increase levels imposed on us since March 2021, we must advise
you that Q1 2022 is seeing prices inflate from 9% up to 33%, with all TFP suppliers
notifying us of these non-negotiable increases.

As the South’s leading independent stockist, manufacturer, and supplier of low
maintenance building products we have tried our best to support our loyal customer
base and feel that we have led the field in this respect.

In November 2021 we restructured our pricing to make sure our customers remained
competitive. We continue our discussions with a wide range of alternative providers,
making sure that we are purchasing goods at the best possible rates, whilst maintaining
the best possible quality levels.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to minimise the impacts on our customer base we
are left with no choice but to pass on a percentage increase, but we are pleased to
confirm that due to our efforts we are able to minimise this impact to only 9%, effective
from 1st February 2022.

Whilst we appreciate this increase does not leave you much time to implement, we
thought it best to mitigate the impact to our customers over and above our competition.

If you would like to discuss any of the content shared within this letter, or any of your ongoing
projects we would love to hear from you.

Kind regards.

The Fascia Place