Further industry price increases announcement

Dear Customer,

The UK construction industry continues to be subjected to major disruption impacting product availability, lead times and cost.

We at The Fascia Place Ltd are in a better position to reduce the impact to you as the result of being a leading, large independent stockist, with a versatile and reliable supply chain. A supply chain not only consisting of industry leading manufacturers but whose partners made long-term plans and provisions early enough to minimise the impact of these unavoidable disruptions.

Heavily communicated across the media it will come as no surprise that the industry is suffering from a shortage of staff, drivers and fuel impacting the lead times that we usually enjoy, causing gaps in the availability of some items. We continue to urge our customers to get ahead of orders and provide us with as much notice as possible in regard to your up and coming project requirements.

The industry continues to be impacted by rising raw material costs which are being forecasted to continue to rise well into Spring 2022 before showing any signs of levelling. The raw material used in the production of PVC products continues to be auctioned, by the Petrochemical industries, to the highest bidders, container shipment costs continue to rise to levels never experienced (700%+ rises), and the silicone market continues to compete against the cosmetic industry who invariably have deeper pockets.

Whilst we are being subjected to varying price increases and surcharges ranging from 5-25% we have chosen to protect our customers by increasing prices to the minimum levels.

As such we have been left with no choice but to increase our prices across the range of products we offer by 5% from November 1st 2021 and have provided some evidence of the increased costs we are receiving from the supply chain.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time.