Deep Flow Vs Half Round

For most houses, a standard half-round gutter will do the job! But if you are working on a large or steep roof, or in an area with frequent heavy rainfall, then deepflow gutters are the right choice. Despite having a similar width, deepflow systems can carry up to twice the water volume that a standard half-round system can.

Looking For Bigger Or Smaller?

Did you know we also sell SuperDeep guttering; ideal for commercial projects and hold a limited stock of Miniflo guttering; perfect for a garden shed!

SuperDeep Guttering

170mm/110mm super deep gutter/soil pipe. One of the toughest rainwater systems. High flow capacity of 4.3 l/s with 205m2 drainage area.

Miniflo Guttering

76mm/50mm miniflow gutter/downpipe- A low maintenance rainwater system for even the smallest out-buildings. *Limited stock available in Miniflo*